Xing Yi Academy provide in-person and online training in Xing Yi Quan as well as other Chinese Martial Arts: 

 Yan Yi - Yi Quan - Yang Style Taiji (Tai Chi) - Choy Lee Fut - Chinese Weapons - Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling).

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Weekly Classes


Private Lessons and Workshops

Private Sessions:


Paul will teach private one to one or small group sessions by arrangement. Dates and times are agreed in advance and must fit into Paul's schedule. 


Content and training can be tailored to the individual's needs.  Paul will teach traditional syllabus and methods or focus on skills development or practical methods (sparring/fighting/self defence).


You can train at Paul's home in his small Wu guan (training hall), outside in a park near to Paul's home or Paul can travel to you within a reasonable distance or at a reasonable cost for travel.


Cost: Base rate for private tuition is £40 per hour, one-to-one. Discounts will be made for bookings of more than one session and discounts for small groups. Cost does not include travel expenses. Should travel expenses be accrued, these will be agreed separately at a reasonable rate.




Workshops and Seminars:


Paul will teach workshops and seminars to groups upon arrangement.  Any location considered. Workshop content and costs are agreed with the organiser. Costs to include tuition, travel expenses, and accommodation (if required).



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