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Xing Yi Academy teaches authentic Chinese Martial Arts - specialising in the rare Northern Chinese Art of Xing Yi Quan.

All aspects of the art are covered: the Five Elements, Twelve Animals, Advanced Methods, Sparring and Fighting, Weapons, Physical Conditioning, Spiritual and Energetic Training and more.

Practical and effective, simple but not easy.

Learn in person or distance learning,  classes or courses, live or recorded, we have the programme for you.

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Get a foundation in the body mechanics of Xing Yi Quan.  How to move the whole body together

How to engage the core to help drive the movement

How to use the "dantian" and "zhongwan"

How to connect the core to the limbs for whole body power

Introduction to techniques used in Xing Yi's Five Elements 


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Xing Yi Academy are on YouTube: With videos of demonstrations, theory, testing equipment, and discussions about Xing Yi and martial arts.  Click the YouTube logo below to discover the Xing Yi Academy Channel, be sure to subscribe and like any videos you enjoy!

I've studied internal martial arts since 1996 in Australia, Hong Kong, China and the UK, I have only rarely met people with Paul's thorough understanding of internal principles, mechanics and application, both in empty hand techniques and with weapons

David Leffman

Author - The Mercenary Mandarin,

Rough Guide to China, and more

Paul's Xing Yi is the most authentic I have found, his depth and breadth of knowledge of Xing Yi as a martial art is vast and extends to the spiritual side of Xing Yi and it's connection to the natural world

Gurm Bacchus

Course Lead - Acupuncture Leeds Becket University

Practicing Acupuncturist, Councillor and Therapist.

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